TV shows

The global reach and simplicity of the viewer interactivity

June 23, 2018

Audience participation is undoubtedly one of the most exciting aspects of live television. From the early days of game shows to new interactive experiences on platforms like Facebook and Snapchat – one constant remains –  audiences are always eager to take part in the conversation, influence and interact with their favorite content. As dated as […]

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TV series Growing

September 23, 2017

The TV world has been quietly high-fiving itself after a year in which its golden age continues to glitter. From The Night Of to The Night Manager, Happy Valley to Silicon Valley, going out has never felt less appealing. With Netflix pouring bazillions into new shows and others desperately trying to keep up, 2017 looks likely to be just as much […]

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The Best Reality TV Show of All Time

July 23, 2017

Reality shows are our most popular guilty pleasure. Since 1983’s An American Family Revisited, which later inspired MTV’s Real World, viewers have been enamored with watching others live their lives or some variation of their lives. Just last TV season, The Bachelor, The Voice, and Survivor ranked in the Top 20 of the most-watched shows. But while reality TV is often […]

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